Learn To Wakeboard With Us

Wakeboarding with H20 Sports Avalon

Whether you are a first time rider or like to go big air H20 Water Sports has the fleet & equipment to handle all skill levels. Our custom built wakeboarding boat boasts such features as PerfectPass automated speed control, ballast systems to customize the wake and a sound system to enjoy your favorite tunes while riding. All the boats have sun covers when things heat up and all drivers leave a few minutes at the end of the session for everyone to jump into the lake and cool off.

  • Session price includes boat, driver, fuel, and wakeboarding instruction
  • Wakeboarding students are guaranteed on-land wakeboarding lessons (if necessary) and at least multiple water sets (kids package is only 1 water set)
  • Wakeboarding lessons are customized to each student’s ability level
  • Wakeboarding sessions generally run between 2 and 4 hours and start at various times throughout the day.
  • Flatter water generally exists earlier in the day and at the last two hours before sunset
  • We have state of the art wakeboard equipment that riders can use at no cost or they can choose to bring their own gear
  • We have some wet suits and dry suits available when the weather turns cold. They they are on a first come basis. We also have some wakeboard gloves available
  • Bathrooms are available. Most of our locations do not have changing rooms or showers
  • Parking is available at all wakeboard locations, but is limited to 2 cars per boat

Wakeboarding For All Skill Levels:

Wakeboarding Tower For Beginner/Intermediate Riders:Take advantage of our X-Series boat towers allowing the boat to pull you up, getting you up and riding in no time behind the boat. You can try some tricks and catch some air as our instructors teach you how to ride.

Wakeboard Instruction For Beginners

All wakeboard instruction is performed on board the boat and in the water. Our instructors are great in getting beginners, and first time riders, up and riding for the first time and then keeping them up. With some expert tips and some solid guidance all beginners will soon be moving onto intermediate within a few short wakeboard sessions.

Custom wakeboard boom for beginners

Custom Boom System For Beginners:

Never been Wakeboarding before but want to learn how?
Some of our boats have a custom boom system allows the rider to learn faster, easier, and safer than starting off with a rope and handle. The boom allows them to ride safely alongside the boat, getting to master the basic wakeboarding skills from our certified instructors. The custom boom system is typically used for barefoot or water ski tuition, but some of our instructors also like to use it for beginner wakeboarders. After using it they will be behind the boat with a rope and handle in no time. Bear in mind that not all of our boats have this device available and the boom is only usually used a couple of times before the wakeboard rider graduates to the short rope and the handle behind the boat.